Harmony Purple

Harmony Purple is a next-generation vulnerability management tool as well as the world’s first Automated pen testing solution, that continuously showcases validated, global, multi-vector, Attack Path Scenarios ™ (APS), so you can focus your time and resources on those vulnerabilities that threaten your critical assets and business processes. Harmony Purple has one core engine: Harmony  Purple Pro, plus two additional management consoles. One for Enterprises and one for MSSPs.

"There are three types of penetration tests: black-box, white-box, and grey-box.
In a black-box assessment, the client provides no information prior to the start of testing.
In a white-box assessment, the entity may provide the penetration tester with full and complete details of the network and applications.
For grey-box assessments, the entity may provide partial details of the target systems.

PCI DSS penetration tests are typically performed as either white-box or grey-box assessments. 
These types of assessments yield more accurate results and provide a more comprehensive test of the security posture of the environment than a pure black-box assessment."

Quote from PCI Security Standards Council  https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org/

Harmony Purple is a white box solution that is actually more grey box than white box. 
It can do a very thorough scan with minimum credentials, no network map or the entities identifications needed.
It is the best of both worlds. 

So why Harmony Purple?

24/7 continuous


Perform continuous scans all year round, valid for both vulnerability management and penetration testing to stay on top of your network’s security 24/7. See live map and get real-time alerts on current threats to your business processes



Cybot can be deployed globally and showcase global Attack Path Scenarios ™ so you can see how a hacker can hop from a workstation in the UK to a router in Germany to a database in the US. This capability is unique both for penetration testing as well as for vulnerability management.  The various CyBot Pros will be managed by a single Enterprise dashboard.


Harmony brings context to each asset it scans, checking how it could affect a business process. In this way, you can funnel all your vulnerabilities and first focus on those that are exploitable and that are a part of an attack path to a critical asset or business process. This greatly reduces the resources needed for patching and ensures business continuity.

Harmony Pro is the workhorse of the product suite. It is a patented autonomous machine-based penetration test which initially scans the networks, its assets, its vulnerabilities and then takes the next step to map out and validate all the routes a hacker could take to reach your critical assets and business processes. Much like the process a human penetration tester would follow, but continuously and at a much larger scale and scope.

Harmony Enterprise manages several Harmony Pro;'s. This is great for larger organizations with global networks who wish to gain insights on global Attack Path Scenarios ™ between their branches, each using a different Harmony machine. Harmony Enterprise will aggregate information from all Harmony Pro's for in-depth global insights on cyber threats to your business processes.

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