Measure, boost and monitor employee cyber awareness.

Green check mark icon Deploy with ease

100% cloud-based, installation-free and simple configuration.

Green check mark icon Automate training

Save time by automating repetitive admin tasks.

Green check mark icon Build risk profiles

Understand your users' biggest security vulnerabilities.

Green check mark icon Target risk areas

Prioritise courses that eliminate users' unique risk areas.

Green check mark icon Track progress

View real-time performance and enable weekly summaries.

Green check mark icon Achieve compliance

Measure training adoption and demonstrate compliance.

+ Risk reporting      + Smart automation      + Amazing support     + 100% cloud


Identify phish-prone users and drive human resilience.

Assess and eliminate employee vulnerability to sophisticated phishing scams with easily deployable simulations and 

micro-learning for at-risk users.

Green check mark icon Instant Setup

100% cloud-based, installation-free and simple configuration.

Green check mark icon Realistic Templates

Readily-made template library impersonating trusted brands.

Green check mark icon AutoPhish

Automate regular simulations that monitor user risk.

Green check mark icon In-Depth Reporting

Analyze the performance of users, departments and more.

Green check mark icon Spear-Phishing

Run targeted phishing tests by impersonating internal staff.

Green check mark icon Follow-Up Training

Educate compromised users and launch ongoing training.


Eliminate policy pains and automate staff approvals.

Keep staff well-versed on security standards.
Centralize policies, automate approvals and keep clear audit trails.

Arrow green rightPolicies are out-of-date and chaotic

With a decentralised document library, policy version control becomes sloppy and difficult to manage, resulting in outdated policies that aren't fit for purpose.

Arrow green rightPolicy updates get lost in the noise

Policy updates that are announced through company-wide email shots are easily missed, barely read and often forgotten about by employees.

Arrow green rightKeeping an audit trail of user approvals is a pain

Tracking which employees have acknowledged and approved policies and procedures is crucial for company audits, but difficult to achieve at scale.

Create, communicate and maintain policies in one place.

Save time with hassle-free eSign approvals.


Monitor the dark web for exposed employee credentials.

Be notified when your users are exposed in a data breach with continuous
monitoring and employee micro-training.

Arrow green rightData breaches are rising

Millions of emails, passwords and other sensitive data points are exposed in breaches every year.

Arrow green rightStolen credentials are sold on the dark web

Cyber criminals buy and sell sensitive data on the dark web, using these for a range of attacks.

Arrow green rightData is used for targeted attacks

Data is leveraged for targeted Business Email Compromise (BEC) and spear-phishing attacks. 

Shine a light on the dark web

Monitor new exposures

Risk Reporting

Monitor your human cyber risk and demonstrate compliance.

Green check mark icon Real-Time Metrics

View live performance metrics straight from your dashboard.

Green check mark icon Human Risk Score

Combine all usecure performance data into one holistic score.

Green check mark icon Phishing Progress

Track human phishing susceptibility over time

Green check mark icon  Training Progress

Measure course grades and understand key risk areas.

Green check mark icon Course Adoption

Know how many courses have been started and completed.

Green check mark icon Weekly Digests

Keep managers updated with recurring summary emails.

Green check mark icon Custom Segments

Analyse risk in specific departments, roles and more.

Green check mark icon Breach Monitoring

Be notified when user credentials are found in data breaches.

Green check mark icon Easy Auditing

Demonstrate compliance with accessible reports and exports.

Detect high-risk areas

Visualize your human risk

Showcase compliance efforts

Helping businesses measure and mitigate human cyber risk.

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